Ringing in 2019 with Changes to My Blog

I started this blog in 2012 as a place to joyously share some of the thoughts that I have on the intersections of books, culture, and sociology. I began with no real plan. I didn’t want to turn my blog into anything other than a space to share my thoughts that—hopefully—someone would find useful. 

Although I know that a posting routine can be helpful, I never wanted my blog to turn into drudgery.  For me, it’s a hobby that ebbs and flows. Writing longer posts helped me sort my own feelings and thoughts about the topics that I was reacting to. Over time, I’ve been shedding more and more of the academic side of it and injecting more of my feelings, as well as more on writing itself. 

I’ve taken an unscheduled break from my blog for almost six months as life became unusually difficult for my family in September 2018. It’s been a season of loss, but also a season of greater appreciation for my loved ones and my life. Although I don’t often discuss it on this blog, I also took a break from nearly all of my creative writing. Journaling was all that remained.

Now that 2019 has rolled around, I want to return to both my creative and blog writing. However, the format of my blog posts will change compared with what they were in the past. 

My hopes for this space in 2019 are: 

  • To write shorter, more frequent posts
  • To reduce their academic tone
  • To include some posts on my creative writing
  • To reduce ads

I hope that you’ll come along with me for the changes. During this season of loss, I read even more than usual so I’m planning a post or two on what I found helpful during the past few months.


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